Rare Venini & C. 'Soffiato' vase, Jewel Glass label

Rare Venini & C. "Soffiato" vase.
Rare soffiato vase, the Venini label has gone off on the underside.
On the front is a "Jewel Glass - Trade Mark - Made in Italy" label.
The only reference I found for the Jewel Glass label ist this link:
Wright20.com - Carlo Scarpa Corrosi vase, Venini Italy, 1936
'Jewel Glass was an important retailer and importer of pre-war Italian glass.
Signed with foil importer’s label.' (Wright20.com)

Lizard / Salamander decanter, attr. to Clichy, 1870

Lizard / Salamander decanter, attr. to Clichy, 1870
After some research I arrived at a decision. I would attribute this glass decanter to Clichy from 1870s. In the book 'La Genie Verrier de L'europe' from Guiseppe Cappa on page 200 I found a vase with nearly the same salamander / lizard on it (No. 324). Other ideas are always welcome.

Rare Carlo Scarpa flashed bottle, M.V.M. Cappellin, 1930.

Rare Carlo Scarpa "flashed" bottle,
M.V.M. Cappellin, 1930.
Deep red glass, iridized surface.
With brass closing.
Height: 20 cm
Unsigned, but with label from an old perfumery.

Reference: Carlo Scarpa, I Vetri di un Architetto, Page 92, No. 229.
Or: Live Auctioneers