Attention! Beware of unauthentic italian glass on ebay!


Today I want to write a short post about fake murano glass on ebay.
It is a shame how a few italian sellers destroy the murano glass market with all these new replicas. Every week a few new "rare" vases...

Often faked:
• Anzolo Fuga
• Dino Martens "Oriente"
• Barovier Murrine pieces
• Fulvio Bianconi / Venini

• Carlo Scarpai / Venini
• Thomas Stearns / Venini !!!!

For example:
The auctions are all a little different but with the help of the pictures you can see, that the pictures where made mostly at the same location and with the same camera. For example there are 3 auctions listed by 3 sellers:

Another note:
Some sellers try to let the vase looked "used" or "old" – with scratches on the bottom.

These scratches were also made afterwards... the glass is rubbed over a few different undergrounds.
Sometimes I got a smile on my face when I see those pieces with round scratches...
Made very bad...
• For example: LINK

Anyone can form his own opinion now.

Thank you for reading this.